exactly 2The human mind is a crazy place to live. Somehow, as we grow up, we acquire all sorts of beliefs and form all sorts of opinions. It’s so easy to become convinced those beliefs and opinions are true, especially when large numbers of people agree.

Some people adhere to their beliefs so strongly, and imagine them to have such importance, extreme even violent actions can seem justifiable or morally imperative. Ever notice how many real-life and movie villains think they were trying to save the world?

It’s so easy for us to deceive ourselves.

Thinkable or Not is one man’s attempt to fight the tide.

It’s tricky, though. The goal isn’t to present The Truth, because who can profess to know it? Rather the idea is to open doors. Raise questions.┬áPresent alternative ways of thinking. Explore creativity. Have some fun.

If we all took ourselves and our beliefs less seriously, wouldn’t it be a better world?

Peter Mucha